Wednesday, December 16, 2009

"Going Postal"

Monday I went to the post office to send off my son's Christmas gifts only to find that it closes between 12pm - 1pm. I had never heard of such a thing. I was born and raised in Tampa, FL so our post offices were always open. Come to find out because our town is so small (around 1200 people) that they close for lunch because there only 2-3 people that work there at a time.

I was on a time schedule so I went to the other local post office which is about 5-7 miles away in Leesburg. They were open so I went inside only to find a line which I figured because of the season.

Now, I live in a county that is around 85% older adults (65 and above). I was the youngest one in the post office in the line, the next youngest was in her 50's, I would guess. The reason I tell you this is because the whole time I am standing there waiting all I hear is complaining of the line being so long that the clerks need to hurry up, work harder, and open another line. Also, one of the clerk's felt she needed to explain her lunch break to the crowd because she had to close. This started a whole bunch more complaining.

I was blown away how mean some of these people were. My thoughts: All of these people were mostly if not all retired. What do they have to do all day? Do they have a social event, golf game, or bingo that they cannot miss.

I am not disrespectful of older persons; however, I found it quite irritating that no one could give these hard working people a break. Christmas for postal workers is the largest and busiest time of year. Where was all the Christmas spirit? I have to admit that standing in line was not what I wanted to do or the only thing I had to do that day, but I was not going to complain.

During these hard times of people being laid off, I try not to complain about anyone. I mean some people are blessed to have a job that they enjoy while others have a job they can't stand, but need one to provide for themselves or families. So, I feel if I complain about someone that maybe someone last day. Employers have their pick now because there are so many people needing jobs, so I believe they take advantage. If you don't perform to what they want then you are out and the next guy is in.

Well with all of this said, just remember this is the holiday season. Give some joy to others by wishing them a Merry Christmas with a smile.

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  1. Here in our country, we have special lines for the senior citizens (65 and above). Lines are faster and courtesy towards them is practised at all times. Being a service provider, I think the postal office knows its the Christmas season and in my opinion, they should beef up their manpower to accommodate and anticipate the long lines. Though you were not complaining like most were, I think they all didn't want to spend more time than normal in the postal office. But then again, PATIENCE is a virtue. On s side note, nice blog. I never got the inspiration to continue mine. Keep up the good work.