Thursday, November 18, 2010

A little catching up

Here I go again not keeping up with the blog.  So little time and so much to do.  Where to begin......  Well this year has been very busy with school for me and work for David.  The Youth group has been busy also.  This past summer I graduated from LSCC with an AA and this Fall I moved on the UCF.  I plan on getting my bachelor's in Sociology. David has been working very hard at work and starts his 15th year with Mack and his 2nd year as a youth pastor at the church.  He also is taking on more with the youth so that I have more time to study.  I usually am the planner and he is the teacher, but with all of the research that I am doing; I am out of time.   I am going to try to keep this in some kind of order so that I get everything in.

David:  Like I said above David has been working for Mack for almost 15 years.  Mack has had some rough times during this slow economy.  Mack has went through many lay offs and continues to just get by.  The good thing is that David has learned every product and is vital to the engineering department.  His own department head does not know some of the product so this makes David someone that they extremely need and cannot do without.  Also during all of this they have tripled the health insurance cost to the employee.  We were always blessed with a good rate, even with the increase it is not as high as some pay.  However, it did hit the pocketbook. David is in his second year as the youth pastor at the church we attend.  The church did not have a youth group for 3 years so when David came on board there were only about 3-4 youth that would come.  Now there is anywhere from 15-18 that come on a regular basis and the group can get past 20 with visitors that seem to come pretty frequently.  Small youth group but it is growing.  It has really improved and blessed David with spiritual leadership skills.  The youth really talk to David and enjoy his fun personality. The last thing that you hear when the youth leave the youth room is "BYE MR. DAVE"

Cecilla:  Cecilla turned 17 on the 11th of October.  I feel so old.  She also started her junior year in high school.  She seems to be doing well.  The only thing I can say is that she definitely has her mother's straightforwardness and attitude about having the last word.  She is a goofy teenager with an opinion for everything, but in good spirits most of the time.  David and I encourage her studies and her spiritual side of life a lot.  We try not to push because with past experience it does not work with a teenager like it does with a middle schooler.  They end up rebelling and doing something worse.  We are probably a little more liberal than we should be, but with prayer and understanding we are both sure that she is turning into a beautiful, strong, and faithful young lady.  Cecilla is very easy to love even in the teenage years.  Our prayers are constantly with her.  She has opened up more through the past years especially with David.  David has the gift of not judging and seeing the best in someone.  However, David has found his fatherly side with Cecilla.  Cecilla is very loving towards him and most times will give him a hug first.  It is a good relationship and I can see both of them growing; Cecilla into a woman and David into a father figure.

Bobbie:  As I said above I am at UCF for my junior and senior year in college.  The classes are a lot harder as they are more advanced.  Math is not my subject.  I had to take Elementary Stats in my Sophomore year thinking I was done with Math.  No way, I am in Applied Social Stats which is far more advanced and you have to learn at least 2 chapters at least a week.  The pace is crazy and the tests are even harder since we only have 50 minutes to take one; so you have to know your stuff.  I am excited because I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel for my degree.  I plan to go on to my master's and then my Ph.D. We will see where the Lord leads me.

Bittersweet News:  On October 2, 2010 my brother Joshua was married to his fiance Stephanie.  It was a beautiful small intimate wedding in New York.  My sister Roni and I flew up to be there for the wedding and to visit with them.  Roni and I were so excited to see them and Sophia our niece.  That same day I found out that my sister in law's (Susan) brother (Ryan) was killed in a automobile accident.  In the car with Ryan was his wife and daughter, (almost 2).  His wife did have to go through some surgeries and was released and the daughter is still in the hospital undergoing intensive therapy.  There are so many details on this accident; there is not a way to explain all of it.  Please keep the Maley family in your prayers.  My heart is with the mother and daughter goes through all of this without a daddy or husband. 

Babies:  My family is bursting with babies again.  My sister Erica (next to the last sister), is due any day now with her first baby which is a girl.  She will name her Capri Alleyn Grecco.  Then Carissa (my baby sister) found out she is pregnant with her first, a couple months ago.  Finally, my brother Joshua (who just was married) just recently found out that they are expecting their 2nd child.

With all of this news, I am sure that I have missed something, but those are the highlights.  I hope all of you have Blessed Holidays.