Thursday, July 2, 2009


Most of you know that I have been back in college for the past 6 months. I am majoring in Environmental Engineering. David and I went to visit one of the universities I am interested in, University of Central Florida. On our way to the university, my stomach had a little bit of butterflies and I was extremely excited; when we actually were entering the campus I was in awe, could not believe how huge this campus was.

While we were there I found out that it is the 5th largest university in the country. They have 3 huge buildings for the Engineering College. I was amazed at this and a little taken back at the size. I mean, I go to a community college that can fit into just one of the buildings.

Anyways, I went to meet a advisor and go over my transcripts and find out when would be the best time to transfer to the university. My appointment was a 3PM and we left in plenty of time. We parked in the parking garage the advisor told us to and then headed to her office. Of course, it was raining, but not to bad. My goodness the walk was long to the right building. We were lost and did not get to the advisor's office til about 20 after. I am still amazed at the size of the campus, it is like a town in of itself.

The advisor was wonderful. She gave me some great advise and encourgement. The best thing I found out is that I can double major for only one more semester worth of classes. I can major in Environmental and Civil Engineering. I was excited to here that and I am really considering doing just that.

I still cannot believe that I am doing all of this. Sometimes I wonder if I am up to the task, but I know that I want this accomplishment so badly. I know that it is going to be challenging, but it is worth it. Going back to college is something, I did not think was possible. But as always, with God all things are possible.