Thursday, December 10, 2009

Catching Up

Hello Everyone,

I have been so busy with college that I have not been doing a very good job of keeping up with my blog. So many things have happened through the last few months.

Where to start......back in August David was offered a position of youth pastor at our church that we have been attending since January. August was our planning month, so we did an official kick-off of the Youth group the first week of September by going to The Night of Joy event at Disney. Night of Joy is a christian event of many christian bands and is a huge night for youth groups.

Anyways, in August we were hard at work trying to come up with a name for the youth group since the church had not had one in 2 years. A few of the members of the church tried to get the youth group going about 1 year ago, but it did not happen for some reason. However, they did have a meeting (the year before) about names and such and then handed the meeting minutes over to us which listed all of their ideas. We loved "Youth R3volution" and so it became the name of our youth group. So the next phase was to give it a "look" or a logo that so many youth groups have now. We have done some heavy research on the subject of logos and what they do for a youth group. David was soon at work doodling and we had good idea what it would look like, however; the cross was just not right. Then I asked him do draw the cross that is on his necklace (it was a wedding gift from me) and that is how it all started.

The colors on this blog are not showing correctly, but at least you get the idea what our logo is. The 3 started out as kind of thing that kids do when they are texting by using numbers instead of letters, but then after looking at it a while David and I wanted it to symbolize the trinity (Father, Son, Holy Spirit). We had a friend of mine do the graphic art for us.

September/October were big months for Cecilla. First, she had braces put on her teeth. Then, she turned "sweet 16" and also went to homecoming for the first time. She was beautiful. I still cannot believe that she is growing up so fast. She is my baby. She still loves to curl up in my bed. There are times when David and I are looking for her and find her laying in our bed watching a movie, playing the DS, or just texting her friends.
The joys of being a mother are endless. On the flip side the attitude, mouth, and the rolling eyes that come with being a mother of a teenage daughter I could do without. I now know the frustration that my mother went thru with 5 daughters. I don't know if I could survive it. With saying that, I love my little girl and would not have it any other way. She is worth it and I am enjoying seeing her grow up into a young lady.
November has been some ups and downs. Dominic moved to PA the week before Thanksgiving. He had a job interview up there and still has not heard back yet. However, God is good and he is working at UPS part-time and looking for something full time. He is staying with his girlfriend's Aunt who has offered to help him get on his feet by letting him stay with her. I still can't believe he is living up north in the freezing snow. He has always lived in Florida. I miss him and it is very hard letting go. He is 20 now, soon to be 21 and I still find myself worrying about him.
Our year is coming to an end very soon and it seems to have zoomed by. I have survived another semester in school. David has survived me being in school. Finally Christmas is here!!!!! Christmas is my favorite time of the year. It brings back so many memories as a kid. I remember the traditions that my family had and still carrying on. I miss my Mom-Maw the most this time of year because she loved Christmas so much.
My heart sings when I remember the reason for the season. Jesus the King of Kings was born. A gift from God. It is not about the gifts, stockings, Santa, or a tree. It is the birth of a little boy who will spend a few short years on this Earth to die on a cross for me. Hallelujah! Christ is Born.

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