Thursday, March 18, 2010

Vacation and Babies

Ohio had a large amount of snow this winter.  I have only seen snow once when we went to Ohio for our honeymoon.  The snow was still on the ground when we visited this time.  It did not snow, but it was in large piles everywhere because of the snow plows.  My Florida girl thinking was well if the sun comes out it will just melt right away.  No such thing.  It was in the 60's (that was the high) when we were there and the snow was still there.  Also I noticed that I was not as cold as I thought I would be.  Don't get me wrong, IT WAS COLD.  I was standing out in 45 degree weather and it was not as cold as it would be in my sunshine state.  Must be a the humidity that Florida has and Ohio is definitely drier.  I was able to see a pond totally frozen and snow all over Ohio.  I also saw wild gray geese.  Here in Florida I have never seen wild geese unless it was in the zoo.  Also I thought geese were white not gray.

We had a wonderful vacation with David's side of the family.  We were able to see everyone; thanks to my lovely sister-in-law, Susan who hosted a get together of the whole family.  We spent a few days at his mother's house then when on to Amy's house for a couple of nights.  It was great to spend time with all of them.                                                     

Our purpose of trip was to see the new babies of the trip.  Two new babies were born into the family.  Daphne and Sophia are 3 weeks apart.  They are so cute.  I am the bad Aunt and was so excited to see everyone that I did not take many pictures.  Both girls are very cheeky.  Love the cheeks.  Daphne is very easy going and loves the attention.  She is a very smiley girl.  Sophia is adorable with her bright blue eyes and rosy cheeks, but she is a little shy and really loves her mommy and daddy.  She prefers right now not to be held by anyone else. She will get over that soon I am sure because she has a large extended family that wants to love on her.  She does smile a lot when you talk to her. 

We did see all of the other nieces and nephew and loved playing games with them.  Darrin seemed to really love his Uncle Dave.  Uncle Dave was his new friend the whole time of the family get together.  It was nice to see that even though we are in Florida he was not shy around us.

We played a game with a group that included Ellie and Jillie.  Fun game can not remember what the game was called.  But the object of the game is to run out of cards before anyone else does.  All cards are dealt which you keep in a stack face down and you are given a little barn then you pick out of a bag a animal figure (i.e. cow, owl, pig, duck).  Everyone trys to remember who has what animal.  Each person has a turn to turn over a card.  If the card matches with anyone else, the two people with matching cards must remember the opposing persons animal and make the noise that the animal makes (i.e. pig: oink or cat: meow).  It is great fun and loved playing with the girls.

Joy and Molly are getting so tall.  It was wonderful to see their smiling faces.  Joy made my day by giving me a hug.  Joy is a little shy, but growing up to be a beautiful young lady.  Molly is too sweet and spent a lot of her time drawing pictures for all of the families that were there.  Molly's drawing is hanging on our refrigerator.

It was so wonderful to see all of the family.  We also blessed to visit one of David's best friend that also just had a son.  We also visited the creation museum which I will write about later.  Our trip was amazing and we are blessed with large loving families on both sides.

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